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Electric Switchboards and installation

Cabinet Industrial is one of the indispensable electrical appliances in large projects such as factories

Depending on the area and the task can be divided into two industrial electrical cabinet main categories

Electrical control cabinet: Cabinet is used to control the operation of the motor to work independently and work in process technology, the cabinet can be operated manually or automatically. Scope of installation: At factory in industrial plants

Power distribution cabinet: Cabinet Power Distribution general use in low voltage networks and is the most important factor in the power distribution network. Scope of installation: In the room of the total electrical engineering works such as industrial and civil plants, industrial buildings ....

Some notes when installing industrial electrical cabinet as follows

When connecting or assembly of electrical cabinets we should note the following points: the voltage on .........

-In The electrical cabinet, here we need to distinguish what it is the cabinet? means to catch a glimpse of the system.

* Power Systems division into three blocks

1> Power Block

2> Volume Control (The relay protection ...)

3> Block Executive (First things like cutter, knife isolated ...)

So then you need to power your closet to find out what is the bloc?

If it is the source of your attention to the devices as:

a> Protective Equipment: Aptomat, fuse ...

b> Measuring devices: Counters, voltage meter, ampere meter ...

c> Converting Equipment: CT, Sunrelease ...

d> Supervisory Control Equipment: Relay, ...

e> Also of concern to the other auxiliary equipment such as intermediate Relay ...

If the control panel section and protection you must pay attention to the following:

a> Equipment protection control (Main): Relay

b> Measuring Equipment

c> Equipment Connection (Using the remote control as đk from PC ...): swith network switching system connected ...

Generally, to talk about the structure of the cabinets you need to see the purpose of the cabinet is that? The purpose of it is to do so from then apply the knowledge you have of research on it.